One of the most significant differences between a piece of art and a photograph is longevity. Not only does a piece of art outlast a photograph, but it is also something there will only ever be one of. When you buy or commission an original work, you not only support the practice of a living artist, but you are also contributing to the universal love and appreciation of art.

Pet portraits are one of my most frequently undertaken commissions. If you would like to commission a bespoke drawing of your beloved pet or animal companion, information and considerations can be found here. Whether they are still with us, or have sadly passed, a portrait is a beautiful way to celebrate their life, and I enjoy working closely with you to bring their portrait to life. 

A percentage of proceeds from all commissioned portraits benefits an Australian no-kill animal shelter.


Pet portraits are offered in a choice of two sizes. Each includes an appropriate a subject clearance area relative to the portrait size. Prices are inclusive of GST.

50 x 35cm / 19.7 x 13.8 inches / AU $550 
70 x 50cm / 27.6 x 19.6 inches / AU $990



A deposit of 30% is required to start work. This is to secure the time in my calendar and initial outlay of materials and is non-refundable. Once your booking is confirmed you will receive an email with an invoice for the deposit. Payment by credit/direct debit card or PayPal can be made directly from the invoice. The balance is due by, or at the time of completion and prior to shipment. Please note that you do not need an account to use PayPal, there are no extra charges to the buyer, and it ensures your details remain safe. Direct bank transfer/deposit is possible for orders within Australia. Please let me know if this is your preferred payment option.




I work exclusively with professional, artist’s quality materials that have been tested for archival excellence, so nothing is less than museum standard. Your portrait will be created with Faber Castell and Carbothello pastel pencils on 350gsm pastel board by Clairefontaine, France. 


In keeping with the aesthetic of my work, it is my preference to forgo backgrounds. Often, the subject is so strong on its own – especially in case of a portrait – that adding anything else would only detract from it. For medium to large pets, i.e., all dogs and cats, I will generally capture the head and neck in the portrait. For smaller pets, i.e., birds and lizards it will often be possible to capture the whole body without compromising detail.


A clear, sharp reference photo is essential to produce a portrait that captures the detail and character of your pet. This is not always easy, or sometimes even possible. If your pet is no longer with us, that is okay, we can look at a selection of your favourite photos and we can discuss what is possible. 

Below are some points to consider when taking or selecting the photo that will be used as the reference for your portrait:

  • Take the highest resolution photo possible using a digital camera or new model smart phone.

  • Shoot outside in natural daylight; or if indoors, next to a window or under a skylight for accurate colour. Avoid direct sunlight as extreme glare will wash out details. Likewise, overly shaded locations with no light will cast too heavy a shadow. 

  • The photo should be taken at the same level/eye level as your pet, and the area to be portrayed should fill the frame.

  • When zooming in, we can see good detail in the face and reflection in the eyes. If you can see the individual hairs, it is likely to be a suitable quality. 

  • Portraits based on a composite of multiple different photos, i.e., eyes from one photo, and mouth from another, is not recommended.

  • Consider additions such as your pet’s collar and name tag, and if you would like these included. 

  • You know your pet best, so just keep in mind their personality when trying to get a good photo.

  • Bear in mind, a portrait should not be exact copy of a photo. It is a handmade work.



If you would like to give the gift of a pet portrait to someone special, gift certificates are available. Please contact me via the contact form on this site, email or social media channels, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



Should there be a waiting period at the time of booking, this will be discussed prior to confirmation. Completion times will vary depending on the detail and complexity of the portrait itself, and in some cases, take up to three months. Please keep this in mind and let me know if the commission is for a special occasion or required by specific date. I will let you know when I commence work on your portrait, and keep you updated during its creation with progress pictures. I typically post work-in-progress photos on my social media. If your commission is a gift, or you simply would prefer this not occur, please let me know when booking.



Shipping is calculated by destination. Your portrait will be sent flat, between sheets of acid-free tissue paper and reinforced board. All orders are insured.

A tracking number will be provided once your order has been dispatched. A daytime delivery address is necessary as all items require a signature upon receipt. PO box addresses are not accepted. Local customs duties/taxes may apply once your purchase arrives in the country of destination.



After considering the above information, please contact me via the contact form on this site, email or social media channels, and I will get back to you as soon as possible to start discussions.